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Pocket Watch style Compass
Material: G50 pure copper
Color: Gold
1.Night light for easy reading when you are in dark
3.360 degree rotatable dial
4.Comes with rope ring for convenient carrying
This is a a collectors item and is 1:50 in scale. It is fully functional to include the top handler, wheel displacement, boom extension and it comes with containers
Collectors item ball-cap for those that served aboard the experimental USAV Spearhead.

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Transportation Updates


1st Transportation Battalion (Seaborne), operates a one-of-a-kind floating aircraft repair station from June 1969 to June 1970 in Vietnam. Read more

Artillery booms from Army landing craft for first time in decades

Army Mariners train and test fire howizers from US Army Landing Ship Vessels (LSV) Read more

Newest Army Vehicle

The first Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs) fielded in the Army began arriving on Fort Stewart . The first six trucks were delivered to their respective battalions in January with the goal of improved tactical mobility, with better off-road, better cross country, higher reliability, more comfort inside the vehicle, and significantly higher protection." Read more

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